Human Interest

Relax and Enjoy the Ride
The Ten Miracles in My Life,  by Joe Gamble


The Fool’s Journey
Sex-Conscious and Healing the World

The Word

Pope John XXIII –from Beacons of Light
Beacons of Light
Language of the Awake
“Beacons of Light”

Healing Arts

What is Really Hidden in the Blood of Woman?
Reconnecting With Our Sacred Waters
Interpreting Dreams, Signs & Symbols
InTune With My Son


SuperNET Radio hosts Coin of the Week – Episode 1
Top 3 News Resources for the Crypto-Novice
The Crypto-Revolution is Happening Now
Commentary 1

A God That Look…

I was raised as a Christian Scientist. I


Welcome to the …

Welcome to the MARSocial transformation! Things are getting


Feature Video

End of Earth Painting – A Review

Movies/Reviews, Painting, Visual Arts

The Vow – Movie Review

Movies/Reviews, Visual Arts

JKF to 911: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

Movies/Reviews, Visual Arts

The Hangover Part III (Review)

Movies/Reviews, Visual Arts

Click! How We Lose The Precious Moments In Life

Blogs, Meditation, People, Spirituality

How to Be Comfortable in the Unknown
Alchemy of Relationship -The Final Chapters



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