Your Weapon of choice: A reference Magazine for Gun Owners

Handling a gun…

is a skill that you need the right training. This explains the reason the military has to go through vigorous training due to the fact that it needs a sound mind and an emotionally stable person. Just like you do a thorough research when buying an electric appliance; first, you must answer the following questions.

1.   Why do you need a gun?
2. Where will you use the gun?
3. How do you want to handle the gun?
4. What are the government policies when it comes to gun handling?

It is the answer to these questions that will guide you on the specifications and the type f gun you may need. How then do you get to know the correct gun for your needs? It is of importance to understand the specification that will decide on the functionality. Some of the specifications include.

  • Size of the gun
  • Gtr gun range
  • Bore Axis.
  • Sight Radius.
  • Barrel Length.
  • Frame.
  • Grip Size & Texture.
  • Sights.

Gun handling

There are few magazines available that handle gun handling. This is because of the sensitive nature of the operation as well as a security concern. Remember, the magazines have to be vetted and verified since it is a fact there are gun owners who might want a shortcut in using a gun. Some of the homicide cases are a result of poor handling or just an emotional trigger or rather an accident when it comes to the use of the gun at home. Griffin gun club understands too well the value of gun training before you opt for a licensed gun. This is a field that is moderated even the gun training school have to be in line with government security policies.

Digital technology…

has made access to information faster and easier than before. Knowledge is available all over the internet; it is upon you to vet reliable sources. You also need to get an expert in gun handling to answer to your queries rather than an experiment at home. It may turn to be fatal. Gun manufacturers design the guns according to the use and needs of the handlers. There are others that are specific to the military personnel and they are only done on order. If you watch some of the military training you get to know new guns that you will never get them in the market. Having the knowledge in gun handling is not enough, you also need to get information concerning the policies that surround gun possession as a citizen If not, you may send the rest of your life in jail due to ignorance. Remember, ignorance of the law is an offense in its own measure. Every country has a way in which they regulate gun use, ownership, and handling. You have to get all this information in the country in which you wish to reside in otherwise you might be on the wrong side of the law.

Your Weapon of choice: A reference Magazine for Gun Owners
August 11, 2019

Having Gun at Home is Important

People who existed in the past were living a peaceful life where enmities, war, crime, and killings could not be witnessed. For these reasons, they only kept weapons at home to protect themselves against hostile wild animals. This is a different situation in our societies today as people who are close to you are the ones who turn against you and kill you. This has made people feel insecure and look for alternative ways to improve their security. So, why is it important to own a gun at home?

Keep you safe from home invaders

As much as you want to live a peaceful life, you must be aware that there are people who can never grant you this peaceful environment. There have been several cases reported about home invasions where victims and up losing their lives and properties. The reality is that no one ever wishes to experience such incidence. So for you to be able to safeguard your property and family members, 1903 pistol is essential as no one will ever cross your boundary whenever this gun is in your possession.

Good for Recreational Shooting

Guns are not only meant for taking lives. Currently, there are sports where participants need to use guns. These activities may include hunting, competition, and skeet shooting. We must admit that people can only participate in a recreational activity that they have an interest in. As a target shooter, 1903 pistol is essential as it is very light and allow you to focus mainly on your target without getting worried about the weight. If someone who has an interest in this game owns his or her gun at home, they will be able to practice frequently whenever they have free time. This can improve their skills and allow them to win medals from shooting competition

Improve security in your home.

Most victims of theft and attacks find themselves in such situations because criminals find them when they are vulnerable. I guess no one can courageously attack a home when he or she already know that they have a gun. As much as the government has been pushing the moves to improve on the security they offer to citizens, it’s not logical that when someone is attacked 100 miles from the police station, than the security personnel will make it in time before the victim is assassinated. But in a case where there is a gun at home, you can simply fight back and protect your home.

Every citizen has a constitutional right to own a gun.

Perhaps you may not really understand how important this can be. But the reality is that in life we meet people with different motives and we must appreciate people who drafted and passed this bill. There are cases where a citizen can request to be given permission to own a gun. Their life may be at risk, or they are having valuable items which need security. This right can help prevent criminal activities such as bank robbery, car hijacks, and human threats among others. Actually, you do not need a high profile gun, 1903 pistol is essential for your own personal security.

Having Gun at Home is Important
February 17, 2019

How Do Trees Grow In The Shade?

“Mama, how do trees grow in the shade?” I asked.

There was silence. I didn’t look at my mother who was driving. For many trips and scenic-routes-to-nowhere in the Pacific Northwest,  she would insist that I look outside at the view instead of inside the car. Inevitably, I would become car sick and would need to have the window open and my head or my hand hanging out.  ‘I feel sick when I look at the trees going by, Mom!” “Then, look THROUGH the trees,” she said.

A whole new world opened up when I did. I saw things that seemed to stand still. Light cascading onto the forest floor, deer and birds in the safe haven of the forest beyond the trees, new dimensions of color and texture. The feeling of warm air pushing past as I leaned out and the sun shining upon my face in whips of light. This particular day, I noticed something new, trees growing in the shade. I wondered…how is this possible? My eight year old mind knew that plants needed sunlight to grow. And, yet, there were all of these trees and plants growing in the dark, cool shade.

“Mama, how do trees grow in the shade?” I asked again. This time I was looking at her.

There was a long pause. I waited for her brilliant, mom-knows-everything, answer. She said, with a glance, “That’s an answer you will need to find out on your own. Why don’t you write that down in your journal when we get home?”

I felt smart. I felt like she acknowledged something great inside of me. Maybe it was the way her face lit up with a tiny surprise on her lips. Whatever it was, I liked it.

I wrote it on a piece of paper in the car and transferred it into my tiny orange, faux-leather journal later that evening. I’ve since forgotten where the little journal is, but always remembered the question.

Over the years, I pondered what that really meant on a metaphysical level…How DO trees grow in the shade? When I learned how it happened botanically,  I was a little disappointed, a little intrigued, and a little amused. The answer was too simple. My inner spiritual sleuth longed for more.

Reviewing my life experiences during the 38 years since that day in the car with my Mother has brought about the question again. So, how DO trees grow in the shade? How do we grow in the shadows of the Dark Season of the Soul? How does any one grow spiritually, physically and emotionally amid the shadows and trials of one’s life? How do we do this human experience and feel like it’s all worth it?

The only way I could justify being here, on Earth, as a Spiritual Being having a Human experience, is if I had purpose. A reason to live. After all,  all I ever wanted to do is get out of this place alive.

The question, “How do trees grow in the shade,” eventually matured into “How do I enjoy my life and do what I love everyday, despite the suffering?”

In Summer of 2011, my weekly talk-radio show, SoulTalk with Jahdaa, went on the air.  The question I asked all of my guests was, “Are you doing what you have come here to do?” I wanted to know because, if they were, then how the hell did they get there? I REALLY wanted to do what I have come here to do! At that time, at 42 years old, I was sick of living a mundane life of bullshit and experiencing trials and tribulations for no real reason except to suffer.  I’m all about “soul-ution based suffering.” But, suffering for the sake of feeling like shit, just isn’t my thing and was getting really old.

The “mature” question stumped a lot of my guests…one even said, “I don’t know if I am doing what I have come here to do. There is a big difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. But, I do know that I am being who I have come here to be!”

That was a game changer for me. I asked myself the same question, “Are you being who you have come here to be?” I still wasn’t sure. So, I kept on asking.

Another year went by and, week after week, I asked my guests the same “Being” question. Some were moved to tears, some exalted, some absolute, some unsure, some annoyed, and most were grateful for the opportunity for self-reflection. One musician from New York emailed me weeks later after his interview to inform me that this question had left him reviewing his existence and he found himself depressed and in bed for three days because he thought he knew and now he was not so sure. I found this interesting. Was this my purpose? To shake the “tree of knowledge?”

One night late into my second year on the air, I interviewed author and public speaker, J. Ross Quinn. He turned the tables and answered my question with a question: “How can anyone know if they are being who they have come here to be if they do not know who they are? Do YOU know who you are?”

Doh! Stump-town! I wanted to cry. My eyes welled with tears and my voice caught in my throat.

Uh….I dunno.

The deal is, I DO know who I am. At the time, I just didn’t know how to Be the Authentic Me. Nor did I have the courage to “do” what it takes to express the Authentic Me in human form.

From that day, I relaxed into Kundalini meditation, twisted myself into excruciating yoga postures, chanted hours of mantras, invested in visioning, journaling, and several trips into the sacredness of our plush forests and beautiful Oregon coastline, an underworld cenote of a Mexican jungle, and into the bush of Jamaica to reason with a rasta medicine man. I have received empowerments from High Lamas of Bhutan, shamanic blessings from Native elders, prayers of healing from a Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist Gurus, endowed with spiritual names, oracles, and divinations for introspection, affirmation, and confirmation.

And, with all of this, in the year and a half since J. Ross Quinn’s question to me, I have come to a simple knowing:

I am a spark of the Divine. How that expresses is up to me and is mine to do and be. Now that I know this Truth, how I experience my life is my responsibility.  It really is an inside job.

As a former single welfare-mom of seven children, domestic and sexual abuse survivor, once jailed, twice homeless, educated by the University of Life, recovering drug addict, massage therapist,  business owner, published writer, world-traveler, mentor, educator of Tantra, Love, and Native American spirituality, radio host and producer, public speaker, Lover of my family and all of Humanity, I am finally seeing how I can blossom in the shadows of my existence..and, how trees grow in the shade.


Excerpt from Desiree Rudder’s book, “Mama, How do trees grow in the shade?”

How Do Trees Grow In The Shade?
August 19, 2018