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8 Cooking Tips, Every Artist Should Possess

A lot goes on behind the scenes for creative artists to have proper weight and glowing skin. Musicians specifically go the extra mile to ensure they put their best foot forward.

Diet plays a significant role in promoting the general health of an individual. One scientific principle on a diet should be, what you consume should equal what you exude.

Although some try very extreme things to have that good body shape, it’s essential to have some cooking tips to have the best diet responsible for promoting good physical and emotional health.  

Why should creative artists eat well?

  • Keeps them fit to put up with the demanding job in the creative industry
  • Moisturises the skin
  • Provides the right energy
  • Helps them to maintain a healthy weight
  • Keeps lifestyle diseases at bay
  • Promotes good mood
  • Enhances productivity

What should creative artists do in the kitchen to eat healthy meals?

  1. Stick to medically recommended cooking methods

Although contemporary society has several cooking options associated with the digital era, stick to traditional cooking methods.

Boiling and steaming are the best for these reasons

  • Maintains the nutritive value of the foods
  • No need for excess fats which promote weight gain
  • It’s simple and easy to prepare
  • Requires less supervision

There is no need to eat food for the sake of it. Know what you gain from it. The cooking method dictates this.

  1. Go for healthy fats while avoiding saturated ones

If you choose to fry your food, then it’s vital to check on the kind of fat. Avoid saturated fats; instead, go for healthy fats as much as possible.

They tend to clog the organ linings as well as promote weight gain. How can you maintain the long hours of singing at the stage when you have such kind of weight.

Secondly, the pressures that come with creative artist job can’t allow you.

  1. Maintain the foods nutritive value

In particular, vitamins are sensitive food categories that need low heat if not taking the food in its raw format.

When you choose to cook them, keep in mind that you should strive to maintain the food content.

One rule in the preparation of vegetables is to keep their original color even if they go through heat.

  1. Add herbs and spices for natural flavor

Herbs and spices have medicinal value apart from its culinary purpose.

Naturally, never rush to take medicine when you have a natural one in herbs and spices.

Here is a list of a few of them and their health benefits

  • Cinnamon-reduces blood sugar levels
  • Sage- improves brain acuity
  • Peppermint – nausea and pain reliever
  • Turmeric and ginger reduces inflammation level

The list is endless; you can’t have all the spices in your kitchen. Purchase the ones that directly benefit you to promote good health.

Moreover, diversify the herbs such that you don’t have spices on your food with similar functions.

  1. Invest in kitchen appliances

Culinary is not cooking without the right devices. When you want to bake or smoke, you can’t use a regular pan for it.

Instead, a smoker or grill is the right kitchen appliance. The popularity of pellet smokers is increasing each year; the main reason is that it has a traditional form of cooking, which maintains the food flavor.

  1. Cook a lot of food and freeze to prevent eating out

Cereals are always a nightmare to cook, yet they are the recommended proteins compared to meat.

To help you as an artist in this, boil as much as you can and freeze them in small containers. Similarly, you can do that for the broth to have a quick-fix meal.

Time is of the essence of a creative artist. It’s unrealistic to subject an artist to cook all the three meals, yet he needs to eat them, of course, in moderation.

Therefore, to promote cooking at home, bulk boiling of maize, beans, and green grams, among other legumes, supports this cooking hack.

  1. Reduce salts at all costs

Salt is made of sodium.

The sole reason salts aren’t advisable when adding to your food is that it’s responsible for increasing high blood pressure, which leads to other lifestyle diseases.

We can’t avoid taking salt completely, but the emphasis here is in moderation. It should be taken in moderation.

Fast foods are discouraged since you are prone to add raw salt, which is detrimental to your health.

  1. Exercise portion control

Even if you take a healthy diet but don’t focus on the amount of food you eat, then the effort is an exercise in futility.

As you cook, ensure what you serve on your plate adheres to the portion control rule.

Half the plate should be fruits and vegetables, while carbohydrates and proteins share the rest.

It’s the simplest way to have that needed healthy weight to support you in your creative art business.

You can’t afford o have a funny lifestyle and an uncontrolled diet. You are a public figure; your fans look up to you as a role model. Don’t disappoint their loyalty.

By: Margaret Yeneza

Date:August 21, 2020

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