Painting and Water Quality: Does Hard Water Affect the Quality of Watercolor Paints?

Tap water can curdle paints.

Quinacridone Rust paint has non-granulating pigment. The color is lovely. However, when mixed with water in a color palette, it curdles and clumps. The same happens when you drop the paint into a wash.

You get an intensively noticeable pattern of granulation. If you mix the paint with another non-granulating paint that’s dark valued (such as phthalo), the pattern of granulation intensifies.

This occurs even if you buy the most transparent paint with adorable color.

The internet barely has reports of paint granulating in tap water. Although hard water can cause the granulation pattern, you (painter) can easily come up with ways of mitigating the curdling and clumping.

Quinacridone (Rose) and Neutral Tint Paints

Quinacridone Rose and neutral tint paints have non-granulating pigments. The two paints also curdle and clump when mixed with tap water but to a lower intensity.

Whether you buy a dud tube or three from the same manufacturer at different times, the effect of hard water on the paints is the same. Even with that kind of effect, you’re less likely to find similar reports or experiences shared on the internet.

That alone is enough to make you go nuts.

Most botanical artists recommend that you use distilled water to mix your paints and watercolor paints.

Tap water is usually hard water. It contains high mineral and acidity content, which easily reacts with paints. This is more so true if you live in a region known to have hard water.

What is Hard Water?

What makes water hard?

Hard water contains high amounts of magnesium and calcium, including other minerals. Unlike water from open water bodies such as streams, rivers, and lakes, groundwater drawn from wells tends to be harder.

Hard water causes mineral deposits (limescale) on fixtures and pipes. It also prematurely degrades water heaters in plumbing fixtures such as pipes.

Therefore, homes in areas with wells use water softeners to make hard water soft. Water softeners are designed to replace minerals such as magnesium and calcium dissolved in the water with sodium.

Saltwater is beneficial for your health when taken as drinking water. However, it affects showerheads and dishes, among other uses of water.

Similarly, art studios need water softeners to convert hard water into soft water. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing your painting with saltwater or limewater.

So, the best advisable way to produce high-quality painting is using soft water to mix paints or watercolors.

Soft water has other amazing benefits.

Designed for different uses; however, water softeners ensure that you get the best salt-free water to mix your paints. Soft water also reduces the wastage of soap when washing clothes.

How to Test the Effects of Tap Water on Your Paint Work

Buy a large bottle of distilled water and wet-on-dry and wet-in-wet painted samples done on similar paper. Compare the paintings using distilled water against hard water.

You’ll realize dramatic differences between the two painting samples. However, expect to see some visible texture on some of the paint-outs using distilled brush water.

Mineral buildups in the pans and on the plates (use them as color palettes) and brush have been attributed to the visible textures. What’s more, tap water is used to wash painting items.

Even if you use fresh tube paints because they’re cleaner, you’re bound to get similar results. The paint is still vulnerable to curdling.

The Best Water for Painting – Distilled Water

Use distilled water in your paintwork to maintain water quality and painting. Your paints can look better than you and drink more water than you actually do.

Invest in a high-quality water softener system based on reverse osmosis to make your hard water safe for drinking and use in your art studio.

If your studio is shared with other artists, installing a water softener may become infeasible. In such a case, fill up a bottle with soft water at home and bring it with you to your painting studio.

However, if you only wash your brushes and color palettes with RO or distilled water, you’re still bound to see some effects of hard water.

You can easily get torn about paint and watercolor manufacturers. Although some paint brands are bright and saturated, they can be prone to curdling and clumping when mixed with tap water.

When running the test, check out your mixing charts to help you determine other paints with unexpected texture.

For instance, Quinacridone pigments from other brands may not clump as much as those mentioned above. However, they may also vary in color boldness.

Soft water or distilled water produces paint-outs with smooth textures.

Mix your non-granulating paint with distilled water free from magnesium and calcium to get smooth textures on your paintings.

Soft water (or distilled water) is of top quality to maintain the quality of your paintings.

Painting and Water Quality: Does Hard Water Affect the Quality of Watercolor Paints?
May 8, 2020

Welding Art and Sculpture Using Plasma Cutter and Multi-Process Welders

As much as art is a matter of creativity, you will also get the best design when you have the right tools. A plasma cutter and a multi-process welder is a must-have tool for this function. It not only helps to bring out the best in the metals but it also makes work easier. When you have just a normal welding machine, with the time you need to improve on your skills by investing in other high-end machines. The main advantage is the fact that the multi-process welders quickly change over to different styles. This means that you can have a design from the internet and just make it as long as you know how to set and operate the machines to your advantage. It uses a plasma cutter to cut through the metal using a high conductive electrode.

This is the tool behind the fabrications and metal repair shops. There are times you look at a piece of metalwork and just wonder what could have been the magic. The answer is in multi-process and plasma cutter welders.

Why use multi-process and plasma cutter welders

Saves on cost and time

This machine uses less energy when it comes to production. As much as he works they do is massive, you will have no high utility bills. Moreover, the installation process is also simplified, thanks to digital technology. The high speed that the machine uses means that within a day you can make hundreds and thousands of designs depending on how sophisticated they are.

 Ideal for commercial functions

Are you looking to commercialize your enterprise? Are you interested in moving your welding business to the next level? If yes then this is the machine to invest it. It will give you all the ample time and you can even use online material to come up with unique and original designs.

High speed

Speed is crucial in this modern world. The fact that it uses electricity in production means that the processing is also very fast. All you need to do is to just set the right settings to make sure that you get the best otherwise you will be disappointed yet some of the functions are irreversible.

Ideal for commercial metalwork

This is a machine that you do not just purchase it for home use. It was designed to make work easier. If you are a beginner in the commercial metalwork entity then you need to invest in a smaller one and purchase the bigger option the more you grow. 

This is a multi-purpose welding machine that can change to suit any design at will. It is a machine that you do not just purchase when you do not have an idea of how it works. Apart from the manual, there are many online journals that you can use to get a rough idea of how it works. Moreover, some multimedia channels have videos to give you a practical outlook on how the machines work? To know more about plasma cutter check:

Welding Art and Sculpture Using Plasma Cutter and Multi-Process Welders
January 21, 2020

Your Weapon of choice: A reference Magazine for Gun Owners

Handling a gun…

is a skill that you need the right training. This explains the reason the military has to go through vigorous training due to the fact that it needs a sound mind and an emotionally stable person. Just like you do a thorough research when buying an electric appliance; first, you must answer the following questions.

1.   Why do you need a gun?
2. Where will you use the gun?
3. How do you want to handle the gun?
4. What are the government policies when it comes to gun handling?

It is the answer to these questions that will guide you on the specifications and the type f gun you may need. How then do you get to know the correct gun for your needs? It is of importance to understand the specification that will decide on the functionality. Some of the specifications include.

  • Size of the gun
  • Gtr gun range
  • Bore Axis.
  • Sight Radius.
  • Barrel Length.
  • Frame.
  • Grip Size & Texture.
  • Sights.

Gun handling

There are few magazines available that handle gun handling. This is because of the sensitive nature of the operation as well as a security concern. Remember, the magazines have to be vetted and verified since it is a fact there are gun owners who might want a shortcut in using a gun. Some of the homicide cases are a result of poor handling or just an emotional trigger or rather an accident when it comes to the use of the gun at home. Griffin gun club understands too well the value of gun training before you opt for a licensed gun. This is a field that is moderated even the gun training school have to be in line with government security policies.

Digital technology…

has made access to information faster and easier than before. Knowledge is available all over the internet; it is upon you to vet reliable sources. You also need to get an expert in gun handling to answer to your queries rather than an experiment at home. It may turn to be fatal. Gun manufacturers design the guns according to the use and needs of the handlers. There are others that are specific to the military personnel and they are only done on order. If you watch some of the military training you get to know new guns that you will never get them in the market. Having the knowledge in gun handling is not enough, you also need to get information concerning the policies that surround gun possession as a citizen If not, you may send the rest of your life in jail due to ignorance. Remember, ignorance of the law is an offense in its own measure. Every country has a way in which they regulate gun use, ownership, and handling. You have to get all this information in the country in which you wish to reside in otherwise you might be on the wrong side of the law.

Your Weapon of choice: A reference Magazine for Gun Owners
August 11, 2019