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MAR Social

A website created by enthusiastic young people to give life to the artistic expressions in people from around the world through media arts review (MAR).

Artistic growth more often than not is a product of the information we possess, our level of creativity, and the relationships we forge. Thus, the artistic individual or entity must intentionally try to get more information, become more creative, and form better associations to thrive. In this 21st century, the Internet has become probably the best place to learn, share ideas, and make friends. However, the Internet invites all sorts and one must be careful with the information, ideas, and associations we receive into our space.

At MAR Social (Media Arts Review), our readers and members get the opportunity to be part of a comprehensive social network. Members contribute and give their ideas on poetry, excerpts from original works of fiction, and reviews of the traditional, performing and visual arts.

What We Do

What we do at MAR Social is simple. We are the melting pot for creative people to meet and display their creativity. Creative artists will meet and interact with other within and outside their niche. By so doing, they can get ideas which they can blend with what they already have to produce superior dimensions of their art.

Our social community caters to talents from every strata of the creative community. Whether you’re writing a movie script or trying to develop a recipe, MAR Social aims to be the place where you can find timely and useful help. Our platform offers non-judgmental, non-discriminatory peer evaluation in a way that can only be beneficial to your craft.

Artists will also get non-creative but useful tips that can help them perform or produce better work. These tips can range from dietary advice to other useful tips on keeping fit and staying healthy. Our goal is to help artists express themselves better and become the best versions of themselves.

Our Mission & Vision

We have a two-fold mission at MAR Social. The first is to provide a platform for emerging artistic talents from around the world to express and share their creative ideas. Secondly is to create a space where art enthusiasts can interact with one another and give their opinions on original and emerging works of art.

Our vision is to be the go-to-platform for all things artistic by building a vibrant online community, where anyone can display and get ideas on how to express or improve their works. We also aim to contribute to the development and breakout of a future generation of global stars in the traditional, performing, and written arts.


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