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What is an ionizer machine, how does it work?

Naturally, water from the wells and springs are considered to be the best and safe water of all times. However, the fact that it is hard water which also comes with its share of disadvantages then most people prefer to soften it using the ionization process. The process mainly involves the removal of magnesium and calcium and replaces it with potassium and sodium.

These chemical elements are believed to be the ones that are the first in the reactivity series. This means that they change the acidic component to the alkaline component. Have you ever got water from the taps that taste salty? This is natural water, it does not mean that it is unsafe, it is only that the taste does not sound well for you. This is the time you need to invest in an ionizer machine for the consumer. In short, it is what we call a water softener. The normal taste of water is neutral and that is why people feel healthier using a well water softener.

What are the advantages of a well water softener?

  • It uses fewer detergents hence saving money
  • It removes stains from the utensils
  • It is easy and soft to clean
  • Keeps the skin soft and glowing
  • Brightens and softens the fabric
  • It has a sweet taste

The ionizer machine is something that is installed on the water system and that means that you need a plumber to do it. The ionizer machine uses electrolysis to make the water alkaline as expected. It raises the alkalinity levels of the water to get that beautiful taste. There is no scientific proof that an ionizer machine removes dirt and bacteria, what it only does is to change the PH levels. In this regard, only bacteria that thrive on other PH levels may be rendered inactive or dead otherwise, they may still be in existence despite the changes in the acidity and alkalinity levels.

There are others that use the reverse osmosis system which is renowned for perfect ionization process with minimal maintenance costs. All you need is to talk to your plumber who may have the best experience when it comes to the ionization machines. They come equipped with a filter system that makes sure that some of the impurities are removed which is a rare case especially when you have a treatment plant at the source. The filtration process is to remove the acidic elements that are found in the well waters. This is purely a chemical process that involves a lot of osmosis reaction- which deals with the concentration levels of components.

The digital ones come complete with an LCD display which indicates the electrolysis settings in which you have a choice to input the right numbers. We cannot forget to mention the pressure systems that are found on the machines as a way of having a customized ionization process. With this, you can run a trial and error method in that you can set the settings and taste the water to get the best chemical levels that you feel is ideal. A little knowledge comes in handy to take care of your health too.

By: Margaret Yeneza

Date:November 26, 2019

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