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Why Creative Artists Need Protective Gear

When we talk of personal safety, then no one is an exception, including the creative artists. These are people engaging in hands-on skills that protection is crucial.

 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), as commonly referred to as by medical practitioners, is never a punishment but a kit that safeguards you from external harm within the home or in the work environment.

What is the purpose of protective gear?

The primary purpose of protective gear is to cushion you against physical injuries.

At the workplace, you are prone to electrical faults, chemical contacts, mechanical injuries, among other hazards.

It is your duty as a creative artist to arm yourself with the right protective gear to enhance your safety.

The protective gear

Let’s not assume you know what protective equipment is all about. Any additional clothing or footwear that safeguards a specific body part is referred to as protective gear.

They include safety glasses, respirators, coveralls, boots, helmets, and full bodysuits. Look at a creative artist who wants to engage in welding.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards

OSHA is a regulatory state body mandated to offer guidelines on how employers should secure and protect their employees using the PPEs.

They move a notch higher to state standards and procedures within the workplace, all geared towards safety and protection to both employers and employees in equal measure.

Why creative artists need protective gear?

Before we look at why you need protective gear; it’s essential to know some of the factors you need to consider before purchasing a PPE

  • Quality of the clothing
  • The durability of the attire
  • Comfort to the wearer
  • Correct fitting

With that in mind, let’s now focus on the purpose of the article- why creative artists need protective gear

  1. Lessens injury risks

Look at our case at hand; a creative artist/welder must have a helmet with high-quality resistance to withstand the metal- in case it falls on the head?

The outer layer of the helmet should have a smooth lining such that it slides away from the head upon impact before it causes havoc on the artist.

The head holds the brain- the engine of any human body. Imagine when a metal accidentally hits the head in its natural form. You don’t want to envision the outcome.

  1. Eases comfort at work increasing productivity

Protective gear is additional clothing that adds more weight to the wearer. Therefore, lightweight clothing comes in handy though this feature doesn’t compromise on quality.

The brand of the clothing now comes in handy to guarantee you all the safety and comfort you need. If possible, get helmets or gloves or coveralls with heat regulation functionality. 

You only get this from protective gear made from the right material with this functionality.

  1. Protects against any physical harm

The safety we talk about any time we mention PPE is a guard against external impact. A creative artist during his free time may opt to go out for a bike-riding mission.

 Bear in mind; other road users may be reckless.

You have no control over such occurrences. Your savior here is your boots, gloves, helmets in that when you swerve on the road and find yourself on the tarmac, you have no or minimal injuries, which can cause a health risk.

 It’s the same function even when wearing them while working with electrical work, woodwork, or metalwork.

  1. Regulates heat and temperature

PPE never knows if it’s winter or summer. The type of material used in the inner lining helps to control this.

 Take note, despite the protection; your comfort is also a priority. The inner lining regulates the heats to give you all the support and peace you need while wearing them; otherwise, it’s easy to compromise on quality.

When it’s too hot, it reduces the temperature. When it’s also too cold, it traps the heat to warm you. That’s the purpose of a material with a thermoregulator effect.

  1. Improves your health status

The environment under which you use the protective gear may be harmful even to your health. Look at a practicing welder; the helmets with shades protect his eyes from the excess light intensity, which is rough.

The gloves prevent any germs, bacteria, and dust that may come in contact with the welder. Is that not an excellent way to keep diseases at bay?

The moment you have managed to contain bugs, then that’s the beginning of a road to good health.

  1. Avoid the arm of the law

How will you feel when you hear from the media that your favorite musician is in the wrong hands of the law?

The worst of it is because of a simple mistake-failure to comply with the OSHA standards and regulations on safety.

It spoils their reputation to an extent it may have a negative impact on their career. That is how delicate the creative industry is.

You can’t count the number of deals and contracts you miss because of that incidence alone.

Wearing protective gear is a personal responsibility, whether at the workplace or home.

As much as some rules and regulations govern it, let that not be a driving point for creative artists to use them, especially in public places.

They need to have them all the time, for they come in handy for safety and health purposes. Who wants to spoil their reputation because of not following simple rules? If you don’t do it, it even doesn’t sound polite.

By: Margaret Yeneza

Date:July 2, 2020

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