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The Future of All Energy Sources

One may need to look no further than the information found on this page to find the future of all energy sources. What is more incredible is that this unseen, powerful energy seems to exist, literally, in the palm of your hand.

Marko Rodin has been keeping a secret, though he is not keeping it any longer. Though science has been aware that every electron in the known universe has a spin on it, they have truthfully never known the source of that spin. Rodin has discovered the source of what science calls the “non-decaying spin” of the electron. This is no small discovery. With it, he has uncovered the fabric of time, the geometry which underpins the entire universe. How has he done it? Ever heard of discrete number mathematics? This is the method by which Rodin has reduced all higher mathematics, such as geometry, calculus, and scalar math – into – and by which the source for all energy has been discovered.

Through the eyes of Vortex-Based Mathematics you can begin to see how energy magnificently renders itself as numbers. You will perceive how the template for the entire universe expresses as what looks exactly like a donut-with a black hole at the center. This shape is known as the tube torus and it shows absolutely no anomalies. This amazing secret revealing the template of the vastness of the universe lies unhidden in the palm of our hands within the ten decimal numerical system.

Imagine a solution for energy that is equally applicable in every area of study: science, mathmatics, medicine, biology, astronomy, genetics, physics, chemistry, as well as computer science. Doesn’t it make sense that the true answer for energy would be universally applicable? The potentiality of the Rodin Solution is truly staggering as it can indeed apply itself to every area aforementioned.

Imagine ridding the world of pollution and the potential for drought by creating an inexhaustible energy source that was completely clean. It exists. Yes it does. The Rodin Solution will not only revolutionize all sources of energy, allowing the world to transform in its wake to a place more attuned with the universe and Mother Nature, but on a very practical level, all computer hardware will transform as well as the compression of information within computers. This sudden revolution will include a new code to replace the common binary code with what Rodin calls the binary triplet. The changes in the computer hardware will include the utilization of the torus design to create a gap or space within the system absolutely crucial to the efficiency of the processor without the build-up of heat. He actually calls it a “crucial gap space.”  Vortex-based Mathematics also gives the ability to condense gigantic numbers to the tune of a trillion fold into a few small steps allowing for a solution to all the enigmas of mathematics and thereby breathing new life into the compression of information.

Both physics and astrophysics will be transformed by finally answering the stumper of a question as to how black holes and pulsars really work. The good old combustion engine used in space travel today will suddenly become unneeded and extremely outdated as the Rodin Solution revolutionizes science through a purely reactionless drive, not affected by the weight they pull. The transformation and societal change brought on by switching the old steam engines to the combustion engine will pale in comparison to the massive revolution which will be brought on by a reactionless drive.

Leading scientists have already created and tested rudimentary versions of the Rodin Coil, also known as the Rodin Torus. The U.S. Government is presently using these test versions in antennas which work to protect the four corners of the continental United States. The treatment of cancer is being approached using likenesses of the Rodin Coil as well as the creation of other life-saving medical devices being manufactured using his discovery. It doesn’t stop there, even former senior researcher at Microsoft is using the Rodin Coil to further research, develop and patent brand new computer information-compression schemes.

For the past 20 years, based on private consultations with Rodin and a monograph he published way back when, many people have been applying aspects of the Rodin Solution. The problem was, Marko Rodin never explained before the key concepts in making his discovery work, such as both the phasing and energization of the Rodin Coil. Although people have been racing to get at his work, Rodin had preferred to continue research in isolation and keep his mouth closed about his findings until now. The solution to the future source of all energy sits awaiting announcement from one of the most brilliant minds of our time. He is primed and ready to reveal publicly the awesome power and true scope of the Rodin Solution. Get ready.